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Tips for spotting alligators during airboat rides in Florida

Tips for spotting alligators during airboat rides in Florida

Posted by Wild Florida on Nov 27, 2012 11:15:14 AM

Alligators are notoriously great at blending in with their surroundings, and if you know where to look, spotting them in the wild can be rewarding. With years of experience guiding airboat rides in Florida, our captains know exactly where you can find these elusive creatures. But, for the average person (especially those who have never seen a wild alligator), you might be looking directly act them and not even notice them! So, how can you spot them before everyone else on your next Florida airboat tour?

alligators seen from an airboat ride in Florida


Alligators typically prefer still water with plenty of plants and vegetation, making the swampy shore banks and tall sawgrass marshlands a perfect hiding spot for them. Alligators also prefer to float in still water, meaning any pond, swamp, lake or other type of waterway can be home to wild alligators. So, if you’re actively looking for them, be careful! One of the benefits of going on Everglades airboat tours is that you'll be able to see these fascinating creatures up close, but at a safe distance.

alligators seen from an airboat ride in Florida

Like most reptiles, alligators are unable to regulate their body temperature, so they use their environment to help keep them cool or warm. Specifically during the winter months, alligators are more prone to resting on shore banks where sunbathing can keep their bodies warm. However, that's not to say that you won't be able to spot wild alligators during the warmer months. From late spring through the summer, alligator mating, nesting, and hatching seasons take place, providing guests a great opportunity to see the life cycle of wild alligators in person. 

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Another thing to look for when you're on an airboat tour in Florida is to look among the shore banks for flattened, muddy sawgrass. Wild alligators will sometimes create their own muddy beds by digging out some of the dirt and vegetation so they can blend their dark, scaly bodies amongst the background and watch prey. Being opportunistic hunters, alligators will wait patiently for curious animals to check out the watery depression in search for food, giving an alligator the perfect opportunity to strike.

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