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Saving the Florida Panther

Florida Airboat Rides

At Wild Florida Florida airboat rides, you get the chance to take a photo with a gator in a hands on demonstration, and a percentage of proceeds from our alligator photos is donated to the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge (FFPR) to help save the Florida panther from extinction. Florida panthers are Florida’s state animal and is one of the most endangered mammals on earth, with an estimated 100 to 160 in the wild. They have recently made a considerable comeback but are nowhere near where they should be in order to sustain the population.

With the destruction of habitat, the amount of space needed for panthers to roam is limited. Approximately 200 miles is needed for males to roam, and 80 miles for females and the confined space results in panther deaths due to fighting over space and roaming onto highways. Inbreeding becomes an issue with such a limited space and the survival of kittens is greatly reduced.

Funding from the government for Everglades Headwater conservation will help expand territory towards the north for the panthers.Through adding adjoining land to their existing habitat, progress has been made in efforts to increase the amount of land that panthers will be able to utilize. By moving them into Central Florida, Florida panthers’ population can continue to gain momentum.

Supporting the FFPR helps promote a more appreciative understanding of this highly endangered species, and at our Florida airboat rides you can help too. Check out Wild Florida on our Florida airboats and take a picture with our gators. Remember, a percent of proceeds from your purchased photo is donated to saving the Florida Panther! Call us today at 407-901-2563 to schedule a tour.