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Fall foliage in Florida? Thanks, cypress trees!

Posted by Sam Haught on Nov 25, 2015 10:02:13 AM

The bald cypress is what makes the swamp, swampy. The trees grow up out of shallow marsh waters, surrounded by their “knees”, a common term for cypress roots.

You’ll often see a cluster of tall, full-grown cypress trees surrounded by a fortress of short, knobby knees. It’s an iconic dirt-free tree that literally stands out in the water, whether you’re in a boat or on the shore.

A large concentration is known as a cypress swamp. Here, the trees' feathery leaves converge in a circular dome overhead that mirrors the water-logged hole (aka, a depression in limestone bedrock) from which a cypress swamp springs.

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Topics: Everglades, Florida Everglades, Cypress Trees

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