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Visiting from Out Of State? Experience Florida’s Airboat Tours!

Visiting from Out Of State? Experience Florida’s Airboat Tours!

Posted by Wild Florida on Jun 17, 2013 7:46:39 AM

Believe it or not, Wild Florida receives hundreds of visitors from out of the state, and even out of the country, looking for a real Florida airboat tours experience. Stretching from Kissimmee all the way down to South Florida, the Everglades are one of the world’s most unique and precious ecosystems. It’s no wonder our park sees visitors from all across the globe!

If you’ve never experienced airboat tours, it should be on your top list of things to do when visiting the Sunshine State. The Everglades are a subtropical wetlands characterised by its geographical variety and climates that range from mangrove swamps to sawgrass prairies. These different landscapes provide homes for a range of different plant and animal species, each distinct in their own way. With wetlands characteristically populated with alligators, wading birds, snakes and more, to prairies and forests that provide shelter for bears, bald eagles and panthers, the wildlife is as diverse as the ecosystems they call home.

There is no better way to experience Florida wildlife than navigating through the wetlands by boat. The Everglades environment is one of a kind, and a symbol of Florida’s unique diversity. It is a treat for foreign visitors, as well as those who call the Sunshine State home. Our flat-bottomed airboats glide through our wetlands with experienced captains who educate our guests on the wildlife and history of the Everglades. Observing the bountiful wildlife is just one of the reasons to fit our unique experience into your Central Florida vacation.

Wild Florida offers airboat tours any time of the year so you and your family can enjoy the pristine environment of natural Florida. Whether you are visiting from out of the state, out of the country, or even just out of the city, you can book an airboat tour with us to experience Florida wildlife at its finest. Call us today at 407-901-2563 to book your tour and to learn more about our everglades airboat tours.

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