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Why Orlando Airboat Rides Will Make Your Vacation Unique

Florida Airboat Tours

When you think of Orlando, your automatic thought might be Disney World and theme parks. Many people don’t assume that there is any kind of natural attraction in Central Florida, but you’d be surprised. Did you know that the Everglades headwaters begin in Central Florida, providing the opportunity to explore the swamp with Florida airboats in a unique and exciting way?

An alternative way to spend your Central Florida vacation, or even just your weekend off, is to explore our swamps and view our natural wildlife at Wild Florida. Florida airboat tours not only put you right in the middle of the swamp, but it gives us the opportunity to relax and enjoy the pristine nature of the Everglades. Getting away from the tourist-centered atmosphere of Orlando isn’t as difficult as you think. It also doesn’t come close to how much money you would typically spend at an Orlando theme park. Florida is widely known for its theme parks, but is also home to one of the most exclusive ecosystems in the world.

Airboat rides are unique for everyone and they are made for the whole family. What you will experience on a Florida airboat ride is like no other. Get a taste of what natural Florida is all about; our airboat captains will show you the ins and outs of the swamp by taking you to gator hot spots. Among our wildlife includes alligators, wading birds, deer, bald eagles, turtles and so much more. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat makes it so much more special. The Everglades is home to numerous unique animals and wildlife, many of which make Wild Florida their home.

Getting away from the usual tourist attractions of Central Florida is easy with Wild Florida. Our unique Florida airboat tours are a great getaway and a good reason to visit Central Florida. Call us at 407-901-2563 to book an airboat tour and experience the pristine nature of the Everglades.