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How to know you're getting the most out of your Orlando airboat tour

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 24, 2016 12:31:39 AM

Between the beaches, attractions and all the other fun things you can do in Florida, it's even harder to find an affordable activity for you and your family. So if you're considering going on an airboat ride in Florida here are a couple things to keep in mind when looking for the type of airboat ride that will fit your family best. 

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Wild Florida's airboat safety

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 19, 2016 2:54:39 PM

Florida airboat rides are cool. It's a scientific fact. They have engines with 500 to over 600 horsepower, just to operate a fan. This fan can power you across water, marshes, and even land. That's incredible! However, it's completely understandable why it might make some people a tad bit nervous. With that in mind, we decided to share how an airboat's roar is worse than its bite (while following our airboat safety rules).

If you've boarded one of our vessels, or closely examined the pictures on this site, you'll notice that most of our guests aren't sporting a certain floating fashion statement. Most of our guests don't wear a personal flotation device while cruising around Lake Cypress. That's because we follow the U.S. Coast Guard's rules and regulations. Did you know that Lake Cypress is considered navigable waters? We could make it all the way out to the ocean, which means our boats have to follow these regulations. 

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Poisonous algae and how it's affecting Florida's waters

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 18, 2016 4:16:44 PM

On June 29, 2016, Florida Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in Martin and St. Lucie counties due to the presence of the algae blooms in local waterways.

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What is the CERP? And how does it help the Florida Everglades?

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 11, 2016 1:52:19 PM

Through the daily hustle and bustle of getting in cars and traveling through concrete jungles, it's easy to forget what Florida's natural beauty looks like. And some overseas visitors may feel like they traveled to an entirely new planet.

At the headwaters of the Everglades, we're fortunate to be able to wake up to beautiful views and share Florida's wildlife and foliage with locals and tourists alike. While the Everglades once made up more than 11 million acres, due to the effects of time and urbanization, the Everglades now makes up just over 2 million acres.

While this may seem discouraging, there have been local, state, and even federal level efforts to protect America's largest subtropical wilderness. In fact, the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) is the most comprehensive and expansive environmental restoration attempt to help protect the Everglades in U.S. history. In this blog, we'll break down what the CERP is and how it helps the Florida Everglades, the successes of the implementation, and other efforts being made to protect and reserve this environment. 

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