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5 things your kids will love about airboat rides in Orlando

Posted by Sam Haught on Jan 4, 2017 2:12:27 PM

As a parent, the search for new, fun things to do with your kids is always on. However, with new things popping up all the time and little information on what to expect from them, it can be hard to gauge if it will be something your kids will enjoy – especially when you take into consideration their different interests and hobbies. But, that's one of the great things about Everglades airboat tours. Whether your child is quiet and reserved or always full of energy, your children will love the sense of adventure. In fact, here are five more reasons why your kids will love going on airboat rides in Orlando. 

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How to know you're getting the most out of your Orlando airboat tour

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 24, 2016 12:31:39 AM

Between the beaches, world class theme parks, and all the other fun things you can do in Florida, it can be difficult to find an affordable activity for you and your family. So if you're considering going on an airboat ride in Florida, here are a couple things to keep in mind when looking for the type of airboat ride that will best suit your family. 

1. Consider who your captain will be on your Orlando airboat tour

With most purchases, it's important to consider who you're actually paying for a particular service. Do you look at their years of experience in the industry? Or do you look at their most recent reviews? When it comes to finding reputable resources to help you make a decision during your airboat ride research, make sure to check their Facebook and Google reviews. And if the company's website happens to have a blog, look for captain profiles or posts/photos submitted by the captains to learn a little bit about your potential tour guides! That way, you can get an idea of the value of your airboat tour.

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The wildest things our Captains have seen on Orlando airboat rides

Posted by Sam Haught on Jul 8, 2016 10:36:57 AM

From wild coyotes to swimming bobcats, there’s no limit to the things you might encounter on an airboat ride. And lucky for you, no two Orlando airboat rides are the same, giving you a unique and memorable experience each time. We sat down with our airboat captains and got to hear some of the craziest things they've seen while on an airboat tour.

“I’ve seen a lot of crazy or wild things out on an airboat, but there are two scenes that really stick out to me. One time, I was out on the water and I just saw this bobcat standing on top of a floating grass mat just looking at me. The other time, I saw a wild coyote that must’ve just finished hunting because his dinner was still in his mouth!" - Captain Marc

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Wild Florida airboat captains: Meet John!

Posted by Sam Haught on Jun 2, 2016 10:35:43 AM

A trip to Wild Florida is incomplete without an airboat ride. (It’s bucket-list worthy, folks!) We’ve got a fine fleet here at beautiful Lake Cypress in the Middle of Nowhere, FL. But it’s our airboat captains who really make a ride the adventure of a lifetime!

They’re all licensed Master Captains through the U.S. Coast Guard. It’s the most stringent and comprehensive licensing process for inland tour boat operators in the country. It also means that all our airboats themselves are regularly inspected by the Coast Guard. Fun is our mission, but safety is our priority.

Our airboat captains have been trolling these waters for years, even before joining the Wild Florida family. They’re airboat experts and the best ambassadors for the swamp that you’ll find in Florida. They know where to find the gators and how to whiz across the lake and through the reeds like the birds.

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