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Wild Florida Blog | Endangered Animals (2)

Panther Released Into The Wild After Two Years in Captivity

Posted by Wild Florida on Apr 15, 2013 7:18:01 AM

A 2-year old Florida Panther was recently released into the wild after being found with his sister as kitten when they were just five months old. Unfortunately their mother had been found dead in September 2011, but if these kittens weren’t discovered, they wouldn’t have been able to have the skills to last without her. Luckily, the panther, and his sister who had been released last February, got the chance to be rehabilitated in a natural habitat to be set free into the Everglades. Our Orlando airboat guided tours take pride in partnering with the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge to.

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Is Jurassic Park an Actual Possibility?

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 26, 2013 12:09:55 PM

Extinction is a term that suggests the ultimate ending of a species from the Earth, never to be seen existing again. Many people don’t often think about extinction until they hear it on the news, but it is a very real concept that some think go hand-in-hand with humans’ destructive ways. Scientists are now discussing the idea of de-extinction, the idea that we can bring back extinct species by using the DNA from the extinct animal and injecting it into an embryonic cell, then finding a surrogate to give birth. It’s an effort that can be a step towards reversing damage done to the environment.

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Vacation the Right Way: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 15, 2013 7:01:45 AM

You’ve been to the waterparks, amusement parks, the malls, and shopping centers but you want more. Nothing has felt hands-on enough, authentic or enlightening enough. At Wild Florida, we understand this. We offer educational, informative, fun and interactive air boat tours. Explore our amazing wildlife park full of zebras, deer, water buffalo, emu, wild boar, alligators and more. You can visit where the alligators hang out, bird watch, or do a nature trail and see various animals’ habitats first hand. Every guest is given the opportunity to truly experience nature in its most natural setting.

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Alligator Mating Season is Just Around The Corner

Posted by Wild Florida on Mar 5, 2013 4:11:14 AM

Spring is only about three weeks away, and with the upcoming warm season, you may begin to notice the sights and sounds of alligators more than usual. April marks the beginning of alligator mating season, though i don’t think the gators are exactly marking their calendar. Regardless, spring and summer bring in warmer temperatures that are ideal for alligators, keeping them active as they search for potential mates. That means you may see increased gator encounters throughout the season, even at our Orlando airboat rides.

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