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Wild Florida Blog | Fish And Wildlife (2)

Rising Waters in The Everglades Could Be Threatening Wildlife

Posted by Wild Florida on Aug 2, 2013 5:48:10 AM

As one of the world’s most unique and complex eco-systems, the Everglades has been known to suffer from droughts and draining. But believe it or not, this year’s early-season record rainfall could have the potential to threaten the lives of wildlife throughout the Everglades.

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Oprhaned Panther Released In January Gives Birth

Posted by Wild Florida on Jul 26, 2013 9:13:29 AM

Biologists working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have found a one month old kitten birthed by a panther that was raised as an orphan. The young adult panther was just released back into the wild in January, and the news of its cub birth is big news. As a contributor to the Friends of the Florida Panther refuge, our air boat tours is happy to hear the news.

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Airboat Rides: What Everglades Fish You May See

Posted by Wild Florida on Jul 24, 2013 10:25:05 AM

When visiting Wild Florida for an airboat ride, it’s likely that you will happen upon a variety of fish that are indigenous to the Everglades region here in Florida. Although you will not be allowed to actively fish for in the waters by Wild Florida, you can learn a lot about the different fish that inhabit this area. Some of the most renowned fish in this region are the Bluegill, the Brown Bullhead, the Channel Catfish and the Great Barracuda.

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Releasing Exotic Animal Species Can Have an Impact on Florida Wildlife

Posted by Wild Florida on May 15, 2013 6:44:14 AM

Here at Wild Florida our airboat tour and swamp is free of any development and contains 100% pure Florida wilderness. We want you to experience nature as it should be and understand and respect the importance of various animal's natural habitats. There are consequences that result from introducing animals to an environment they aren't native too. An exotic animal can dominate an environment, overrun the native species and get out of control. There is one animal in particular that is slithering it's way up Florida and wreaking havoc on the natural ecosystem. They can grow to twenty feet long,.

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