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We know what the fox says, but you don't know how bad he smells...

Posted by Sam Haught on Sep 4, 2015 4:29:51 PM

Skunks stink. It’s their claim to fame. We all know that. Their black-and-white striped fur is easy to spot in the wild (and in your backyard). But you might smell one before you see it, depending on the situation. Skunks use their scent glands to fend off predators. The odor is so powerful and so noxious that it can cause vomiting, watery eyes, and a lingering stench that’s not easily forgotten. Other animals, such as the possum, and even millipedes, also have built-in stink defenses, although the skunk reigns supreme. You might be surprised to learn that the fox gives the skunk a run for.

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5 Florida critters you can meet at Wild Florida… Or in your backyard

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 18, 2015 3:20:00 PM

Animals from around the world call the Middle of Nowhere, Florida home. But here at Wild Florida, we’ve also got lots of locals. If you’re a local too, you might’ve seen some of these critters in your backyard. (Or maybe you’ve read an article or two about Floridians finding snakes in their toilets or alligators in their swimming pools.) Central Florida’s lakes feed directly into the Everglades, the largest subtropical wilderness in the US. A variety of animals live in our wetlands and upland prairies. Meet some of native animals of Florida here! While we can’t let you swim in our gator pond.

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What is a Hybrid and Where Can I See One?

Posted by Wild Florida on May 28, 2014 12:20:34 PM

The term hybrid has two meanings in the field of biology. The first meaning surrounds the interbreeding between two animals, or plants, taxa. Taxa, which is plural for taxon, are the units used in the scientific classification of organisms. This use of the word hybrid covers different genus, subspecies, et cetera. The second meaning of the term “hybrid,” in the biological community, is the cross between populations, breeds or cultivars of a specific species.

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Wild Florida Announces the Addition of Two Macaws

Posted by Wild Florida on Sep 6, 2013 6:01:55 AM

August 27, 2013 - Kenansville, Florida - Wild Florida (www.wildfloridairboats.com), an airboat tour and alligator exhibit attraction, is pleased to announce the addition of two Green Winged Macaws in Orlando to their Wildlife Park exhibit. The Green-winged Macaw, also known as the Red-and-Green Macaw, comes from South America and is a great addition to the wildlife park at Wild Florida. The Green-winged Macaw is second only in size to the Hyacinth Macaw, the largest bird in the Macaw family. Their wingspan can reach up to 49 inches and they have a total body length of about 35-37 inches. The.

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