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Getting in the holiday spirit, Wild Florida style

Getting in the holiday spirit, Wild Florida style

Posted by Sam Haught on Dec 18, 2015 10:35:26 AM

kookaburra Christmas list at Wild FloridaEvery family has its own traditions, and here at Wild Florida, we're no different! Here are a few of the highlights of our holiday prep:

Christmas Lists - We've had a lot of new faces join our wild family this year. These youngsters are very excited for the upcoming holidays, and figuring out what they want to ask for from Santa. Animals of all shapes and sizes, from Kookaburra to Watusi, are making their own lists and checking it twice. After reviewing them, we've discovered they mostly want treats... Okay, they all want treats...

Telling Kylie what they want for Christmas - Little known Wild Florida fact: Kylie, our head keeper, is really close friends with Santa! After the animals work on their lists, Kylie puts in a good word with the man in red. If you see her around the park, make sure you're on your best behavior so you end up on the nice list! 

Kylie holding sloth at Wild FloridaHoliday Outfits - Just because our animals don't need clothes, doesn't mean they can't wear them. Everyone looks immediately more festive once they put on a Santa hat, and our Wildlife Park is always festive!

Airboat Prep - Another Wild Florida secret is that our airboat captains help Santa out. His reindeer sometimes have issues in Florida because they aren't fans of our gators. So we use some of Santa's magic to make the airboats quiet, and get ready to help deliver presents in case Kris Kringle needs assistance.

Family Fun - Family is really important to us at Wild Florida, and we love to let them know it. Whether it's George the sloth taking time to nap with his parents, Rain the lemur sharing her favorite foods, or our walk-in aviary giving all of us some much needed quiet time, our animals know to be kind to kin. Family is so important to us that we are going to spend Christmas Day just with them, but we hope to see you after all the gifts are unwrapped!



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