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Why you should play hooky from work and go on an Orlando airboat tour

Fall is here! And where are you? Sitting at your desk, with stressful emails just filling up in your inbox? Maybe you find yourself just staring out the window, trying to find some way to escape. Face it – you need a break from your daily routine, from waking up, going to work, and home again. While it may be tempting to just take it easy at home for a few days, where's the fun in staying indoors? Instead, get some fresh air and enjoy an Orlando airboat tour. 

  • airboat tour in orlandoBreathe in some fresh air

As technology advances faster and faster, we've never been more connected to our friends, family, and even strangers located around the world. While being just a click or call away from the information you need has its advantages, sometimes it seems like the world never slows down. On an Orlando airboat ride out in the middle of Lake Cypress, there's just you, nature, and some of nature's creatures. So take a few moments of solitude and enjoy being out on the open water, catching some rays, and maybe some photos of alligators while you're at it. 

  • You just need some excitement in your life

One of the perks of going on an airboat ride versus a motorboat tour is that an airboat can take you places where a normal boat can't go... Literally. The Florida Everglades is different from a regular lake or the ocean due to its marshy, shallow waters and vegetation that makes navigating a motorboat more difficult. So while the airboat fan's original purpose was to skim along the top of the water to avoid damaging the lake, it still allows you to reach speeds that a normal boat would reach. On an airboat, you'll feel the wind against your face and in your hair – we promise it'll get your blood pumping!

  • airboat ride in OrlandoGet the whole team together

You may know that Karen from Accounting likes her coffee black, but did you know she used to be a competitve swimmer in college? There's a ton you probably don't know about your team, and what better way to learn more about them than treating them to a day of adventure via an airboat ride? Our airboats hold up to 12 people, which leaves plenty of wiggle room for you and your team during your airboat tour. If you aren't the boss, you might need help convincing her why the team should go on an airboat ride, you can (kindly) remind her that an afternoon away from your desks will increase team morale and ultimately improve productivity

Do you hear that? It's the sound of you having an adventure! But it can only happen if you do something about it! So don't just dream about your airboat ride, make it a plan by booking it now. And while you're at it, start dropping hints around the office to see if any of your coworkers want to join you on this outdoor excursion. Justbe sure to invite the boss so she doesn't feel left out! Hope to see you soon!

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