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Wild Florida's cutest animal pairs

Wild Florida's cutest animal pairs

Posted by Wild Florida on Feb 12, 2016 12:00:22 PM

Ring-tailed lemurs at Wild Florida

Love is in the air this time of year, and that rings true for our animal pairs at Wild Florida, too. Whether these animals are soulmates or just BFFs, we're certain that we have some of the cutest and lovable pairs around. Read on to see what we mean and learn a little more about the couples that call our Wildlife Park home.

Leo and Lucy - Recently Leo and Lucy, our red ruffed lemurs, spent some time apart. Lucy needed time to raise her daughter, Rain, before they were reintroduced to their environment. You wouldn't even know that Lucy spent any time away, because she is already running that conspiracy like a queen again. Lemur society is matriarchal, and Lucy knows that she runs the show. Leo is just happy she lets him stay around! 

Luke and Lola - Like Lucy and Leo, the female rules this relationship. These two ring-tailed lemurs (pictured above) have a bit of a different dynamic, though, because of their roommates, Lolly and Lilly. Don't let the numbers confuse you – Lola still runs the show, and Luke knows it. The girls enjoy their time together, but Luke is there for his lady when she allows it!

Guy and AnaWild Florida's most famous animal pair! Our resident sloth family gave us George, the little charmer that steals hearts during every sloth encounter. These two-toed sloths are native to Guyana, hence their adorable names. Did you know that Georgetown is the country's capital? I guess we'll have to get more creative if George gets a little sibling.

Bobcats at Wild Florida

Stella and Safari - These two female crested porcupines aren't a couple, but a bonded pair. This duo is inseparable. Stella is more outgoing and loves to make new friends with every porcupine encounter, but Safari is never too far away. Both girls enjoy playing tag with their keepers, as well as trying to take rides on their tortoise roommates.

Duke and Duchess - Our cute bobcats (pictured here as well) are growing up so fast! They went from adorable babies to angsty teenagers way too fast, but at least they are going through it together. Duke and Duchess still play with their favorite keeper Kylie, and hunt for lizards that accidentally enter their domain. However, love is in the air with these two, and they won't stay little forever.

Sam and Kara - You see Sam all over Wild Florida, from the airboats, to the park, even at the Chomp House Grill! But do you ever see his better half? This pair is one the cutest in our Wild Florida family. Kara is an amazing wife and mother to their four children, and the whole family appreciates the Wild Florida family values. No need for matriarchy or patriarchy in this evenly matched pair, just love.


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