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11 Wild Florida Animals that help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

Posted by Sam Haught on January 2,2019 10:54:AM

Holding Fluffy the gator at Wild Florida Wildlife Park

Our animals are always as helpful as can be, just ask our keepers! So this New Year's, we wanted to share how our little buddies can inspire you to meet your new goals.

  1. Lemurs - Work out buddies: Just walk by our ring-tailed or red ruffed lemurs exhibits one time and you'll see exactly why these guys would tear up your local gym. They do laps, they climb ropes, and they know how to hustle! Lemurs are the perfect inspiration to getting you off the couch.
  2. Parrots - Speak up: Do you have problems sharing your opinion? Do you feel shy in social settings? You should channel your inner parrot. They have no problem sharing their opinion with the entire Wildlife Park.
  3. Sloths - Relax: A lot of people are guilty of working too hard, leading to high stress in other parts of their lives. Sometimes you need to just relax, maybe even take a nap (or two!). Learn from our resident sloth family – Guy, Ana, and George – who live by their own motto: "A napping family is a happy family."
  4. Bobcats - Carpe Diem, seize the day and/or lizard: Our bobcats Duke and Duchess know how to have some fun. They love catching lizards, pouncing towards birds, swinging around, and making all fun they can. Life is short! You need to enjoy it while you can.Cotton-Top Tamerin at Wild Florida's Wildlife Park
  5. Tortoise - Eat more veggies: A salad never hurt anyone, sometimes you need to embrace the green. Our sulcata tortoises love that herbivore lifestyle, and are a great inspiration to eat healthier... Although they don't make the best gym buddies. 
  6. Cotton-Top Tamarin - New hair style: There is no time like the present to give yourself a new do. Just look at these cotton-top tamarins! Be sure to send us a picture when you tell your stylist you want a crop like a cotton-top tamarin. We want to see their reaction!
  7. Porcupine - Learn self defense: Our porcupine ladies, Stella and Safari, are tough critters. We hope that you never have to use any self defense skills, but these guys are pros at this game. You don't necesarily need to grow spines like them, but its always good to know a trick or two that will help you chase away the bad guys.
  8. Alligator - Smile more: It's always nice to brighten someone's day with a smile. Studies show that positive people live longer and more fufilled lives. Probably explains why gators live so long, showing off their up-to-80 pearly whites with one smile! You may not be able to hit that quota, but you can certainly try.Zedonk at Wild Florida Wildlife Park
  9. Bald Eagle - Aim high: One of the coolest things during one of our airboat rides on Lake Cypress is seeing a Bald Eagle! Not only are they a symbol of our great country, they're magestic in flight and a great reminder to aim high!
  10. The entire petting zoo - Make new friends: This one shouldn't require much explanation. Have you been to our petting zoo? Everyone there loves to make new friends. We've got tortoises and goats and cows all enjoying one another's company, despite their differences (and different sizes!). They'd love to meet some new human friends soon too, so let's get Wild Florida on your spring calendar!
  11. Zedonk - Be more stubborn: A lot of people think being stubborn is a bad thing, but when it comes to New Year's resolutions, it's the best thing. Being stubborn means you have conviction, and you'll accomplish your goals. It's not easy to improve yourself. So the only way you'll make long-term changes is by channeling that inner zedonk – stick it out, no matter what!

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