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So... when's really the best time to go on a Florida airboat tour?

Posted by Sam Haught on Dec 8, 2016 4:16:48 PM

Even if you've never been to Florida, with its nickname being the 'Sunshine state', you can safely assume that Florida is pretty hot most of the time. Despite Florida technically having four seasons, if you ask anyone what they're able to do in the winter you know what they'll say? "The exact same thing we do in during summer!" One of the blessings (or curses depending on who you talk to) of visiting Florida is that the fun never really does stop due to the because of the season. The warmer climate allows people to do things like go to the beach, visit water parks or even go on an airboat.

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Here's how an Orlando airboat ride can teach your students about the Everglades

Posted by Sam Haught on Sep 5, 2016 11:23:18 PM

Let's be honest. What's your fondest memory of school? The field trips, right? But which one really sticks out in your memory? Was it that time you and your class traveled north to learn about St. Augustine and see if the Fountain of Youth was real? No matter how old you get, as a teacher, you always remember that feeling of amazement when you learn something new. And now, it's your turn to do that for your class! So how do you want to be remembered? Well, if you're looking for something fun and educational to do with your class this year, here are 11 facts about the Florida Everglades your.

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What in the world is a caiman, and how does it relate to an alligator or crocodile?

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 29, 2016 4:07:10 PM

Alligators are the stars of the show here at Wild Florida… I mean, come on, have you seen how cute Fluffy is? But they aren’t the only crocodilians living in Florida, and it’s easy to get them confused. The snout is the easiest way to tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile… unless you get close enough to get a good look at their teeth (which we don't recommend)! All three of these big reptiles – alligators, crocodiles, and caiman – have features in common, but read on to discover some differences...

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5 reasons you should ditch the theme parks for Everglades airboat tours

Posted by Sam Haught on Aug 24, 2016 11:20:48 AM

Florida is best known for its beaches, weather, and theme parks. But few people realize that Florida is actually home to the United States' largest subtropical wilderness, the Everglades. Lucky for you, we're located at the headwaters of the Everglades – just south of all the lines, characters, and traffic. So if you're trying to decide what to do with your family during your vacation, or you just need to get away for the weekend, here are five reasons you should ditch the theme parks for Everglades airboat tours.

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